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Diekevers Roofing is an elite contractor for Duro-Last roofing products. You'll get a durable roof made from Duro-Last's top-quality materials installed professionally and efficiently by our experienced team. Your new roof will be prefabricated to exact measurements and specifications to ensure that it will be worry free and leak proof once installed.

Reliable Duro-Last roofing systems

Get year-round dependable services. In addition to roofing, we can also handle your ice and snow removal needs.

  • Energy-efficient roofing

  • Leak-proof construction

  • Durable and resistant to fire, chemicals, and more

  • Extensive warranty coverage

  • Quality results since 1978

Duro-Last is known for quality roofing

Duro-Last roofing systems can only be installed by authorized contractors who have been extensively trained in the proper installation techniques. Because we are an authorized contractor, you can rest assured knowing that we provide superior craftsmanship. In addition, Duro-Last roofing comes with extensive warranty coverage. Call us today to learn more or to get your FREE estimate.

Strict quality control and training requirements

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Duro-Last Commercial roofing

The Duro- Last vinyl roof membrane is a propriety thermoplastic formulation consisting of PVC resins, plasticizers, stabilizers, biocides, flame retardants and U.V. absorbents. A weft- insertion knitted scrim that is laminated between two layers of PVC film gives the membrane its strength and durability. The Duro- Last membrane is available in white, tan, gray, or dark gray.

Duro-Last is the World's Coolest Roof

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